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6th - 8th October 2001

Monday 8th October
This morning saw the golfers in the party have some fun.!!
After a hearty breakfast a coach came and picked up nine hardy fools, sorry souls, and of we went a little further around the bay, the sun was shining but there was still a strong wind blowing off the sea so any idea's of a low score had disappeared quite quickly.

First off was Club Captain James Saddington, with Shaun Harrington, Peter Munns, Wayne Goddard and Adie Cambridge. The second group saw Louie Farrington, Gary Walker and David Hipperson, with "Walks" possible hitting the tee shot of the day, but unfortunately his game went down hill from then on.

Next off the tee were Physio; Lee Petrucci, and Neil Coburn.

All got round to the third tee in one piece, but Neil Coburn was seen heading back to the club house and wasn't seen again until everyone was at the hotel that afternoon, when everyone had got to the 5th and 6th hole the first rain shower of the day came, and possibly the quote of the game, with "Saddy" playing from a bit of rough, was heard to say "anyone see where the ball went, I lost it"

The answer back was "NO", which could have had something to do with the fact the ball didn't move, then when everyone was at the furthest point on the golf course the rains game, and came they did, I by this time had made my way back to the clubhouse, and from where I was sitting in the club house you couldn't see the other side of the bay, while I sat there having a drink, some bodies came over the bow of the hill, looking slightly wet and wind swept, after a while, everyone came upstairs, but not to be put off after the rain had stopped some of the group went out to play the last five holes, while others sat in the clubhouse, a while later back they came, with tales to tell, the best one involving Louie Farrington and the gorse bush, when his club was seen heading further then the ball.

After a spot of lunch it was then back to the hotel for a warm bath and to catch up on some sleep and to pack before the short trip to the airport and then back home.

The flight home wasn't as bumper as the one out, and this being the first time I've flown, I must say there's nothing to it. The coach trip home was quite, with a video on, but I'm not sure many watched as when I looked around there was a lot of eyes closed.

Report & Photo's by Steve Wells

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