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6th - 8th October 2001

Saturday 6th October
As winners of the Burtons Fair Play award for 2000/2001, the team enjoyed a weekend away on the sunny island of Guernsey. Coming to a town near you, Histon Football Club

A morning kick off at Tonbridge Angels in the DML meant an early start for the team and myself, we left Histon at 8:30 in bright sunshine, hopefully an omen for the coming weekend away. The game at Tonbridge was played in strong winds which help Histon come away with a point with a last minute goal.

After the game the team coach left for a hotel just outside Gatwick Airport, so everyone could settle down and watch the England v Greece World Cup game, as the team settled down to lunch everyone started to relax and enjoy the hospitality. After watching David Beckham send England to the World Cup it was back on the coach for the short journey to the airport.

After checking in it was off to catch the flight at 19:50, after a short time in the air we had a bumpy landing due to the high winds that the island had been suffering.

After collecting our bags we made our way to the airport lounge, and to the waiting bus, just a slight hiccup, no bus, so while everyone was waiting out came the putters from the golf bags, and a little competition was set up, with midfielder Adrian Cambridge taking the pot, with the very first putt, after a while the bus turned up and we started the "short" trip to the hotel, by this time the team wanted to get to see the local night life, while the management team settled down for a late supper, in all it had been a long day.

Sunday 7th October
At breakfast there was some very unsure faces, outside the sun was shining but there was still the high winds, come mid morning the rain came and come it did, we boarded our coach for another "short" trip to the ground, as more rain came and more wind came. Welcome to the sunshine island of Guernsey

After ten minutes of the game starting the referee had seen enough, and as the rain fell harder he took the players off, by this time a goal by BENNY MURRAY had put the side ahead, as the teams headed back to the dressing rooms, word went around that a mini-tornado was causing all sorts of damage on the island, but the break only lasted 10 minutes and out came the hardy souls once more as the rain stopped and the clouds broke, you could now see patches of blue sky.

Yes, more rain

On 19 minutes, GRANT CHALMERS put the home side level and at half time the scores where level, Paul Barber was replaced at half time and midfielder Wayne Goddard went in goal, a Histon penalty early in the second half, when Murray was fouled, meant ADRIAN CAMBRIDGE put Histon ahead again. No further goals, meant Histon where winners in Europe for the first time.

Neil Coburn (11), takes a rest while others look for a goal.

Guernsey - The Lost Weekend - Part Two